Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Time Off

I'm off this week, and perhaps it's a bit overdue. I don't have any particular plans for the week... we talked about going skiing on Monday but did chores around the house instead. I sat around most of the day yesterday and am engaging in the same (in)activity today. My accomplishments thus far today include bringing in the recycling bin AND the garbage can, taking some dry cleaning down the street, and calling the Subaru dealer to schedule an oil change.

It's somewhat of a mystery to me that I don't seem to have any mid-range gears. When working I'm engaged almost non-stop. When not working I don't easily shift my energy and focus to domestic duties. Well, I suppose that it might be a little early to make that judgement, as I've only had two days alone thus far. Perhaps the consideration of what to do during my inactivity illustrates well that I've been at it a bit long, and am having some trouble relaxing and doing nothing.

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