Thursday, June 10, 2010


"I just vacuumed." Were we on Twitter you would read that phrase often, especially this time of year. Even more often you would read, "I need to vacuum." The dogs have been shedding at an incredible pace. ("You can't teach pace" - a phrase we're bound to hear during World Cup coverage in the days and weeks ahead.) I'm somewhat impressed the dogs can shed like this and still have hair. I know that I can't, not that you've noticed.

Shedding came to mind as my mind wandered back to the summer of '84 and our decision to move to California. We had no idea where we might live (though we were assured housing was no problem in the Bay Area!) and couldn't afford high moving costs. So we sold our stuff. Much of it wasn't of much value. Some pieces, notably bedroom furniture we had gotten from my grandmother, I have thought about with a degree of regret. A small degree. For the most part the shedding experience we went through turned out to be freeing. We had a whole lotta stuff we just didn't need. Whew, glad that's no longer a concern!

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