Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Spring Weather

It seems to me that if spring didn't follow winter, we wouldn't think that much of it. Sure, the sun is higher in the sky, and the daylight lasts longer, but what we see in that extended light? Yesterday 60 mile per hour wind gusts scoured eastern Washington. Trees were uprooted or broken off throughout the area, pulling down power lines and blocking streets. Then, in the wake of the storm, temperatures fell below freezing last night. Concern for my green babies got me out of bed to spread plastic sheets over the planters in front. I'm hoping the fruit trees won't be damaged. Tonight will be colder still.

I shouldn't complain. Tennessee has epic flooding, and the entire Gulf of Mexico is covered with British Petroleum. I think my mood is more a result of Sally being in Olympia for the week than it is the weather. The forecast is for dark and lonely until her return Friday evening.

In the meantime, I should take spring for what it is. I'll get out and enjoy the sunbreaks, but take along a jacket and hat. Stifling summer heat will be here before we know it, and being human, we'll look back on these changeable spring days with a sense of longing.

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