Saturday, December 26, 2009

Worth a Thousand Words

Out of desire to document what I knew would be a wonderful trip, I took photos of all kinds of things during our New Zealand sojourn. I took photos in the Spokane airport of us having coffee as we awaited boarding our flight.

Once in San Francisco I took photos of the plane we would fly to Auckland.

In New Zealand I took lots of pictures of plates of food,

various drinks,

and even the toilets that we would eventually require as a result of our eating and drinking. By the way, on many toilets in New Zealand, the little indicator turns from a green "Vacant" to a red "Engaged" when the door is locked. I really like the use of "Engaged" on a toilet. It reminds me of Star Trek.

Anyway, once home I realized that I don't take enough photos documenting my day to day life here. After all, had we walked through a Ponderosa Pine and Syringa forest amidst basalt outcroppings in New Zealand as the setting sun slowly turned from orange to red I surely would have photographed it multiple times.

So, here is Sally on a winter walk with the dogs.

And here are the dogs.

And here is Sally using a cleaver on the ginger slice crunch dessert she just baked. These little moments add up to a life, and ain't life grand?

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