Monday, June 29, 2009

Quick Update

Nothing clever, or even half so, to post tonight. We've been really working on the kitchen. Really. Removed the soffit above the south and west walls and the cabinets around the sink Saturday, then carried a trailer load of torn up kitchen to the Waste to Energy plant on Sunday, all before a marathon shopping spree at Home Depot for lumber, sub-flooring, sheet rock, tiles, and many $$$ worth of accoutrements.

Figured out lighting and electrical, and started on that midday today. The plumber came this afternoon. It's happening both too fast and too slowly.

OK, one "clever" comment. Evan called from New Zealand tonight to express his exasperation at the charge for getting his teeth cleaned there. He is on a student stipend, and so had asked for an estimate. The dentist had given a dollar range for the cleaning, but after telling Evan that his teeth weren't at all bad, he was charged an amount near the top of the range. I think that it's probably like what I experienced in dental hygiene challenged southern Indiana -- dentists there compute cleaning charges on a "per tooth" basis.

More soon....

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