Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Good Day to Dry

Ah, the beginning of the Outdoor Drying Season! As Sally and I sorted through our closets over the weekend, we collected several canvas tote bags that have been utilized to transport groceries, ski goggles, and other bags. I decided they could all use a bath, and so added them to the laundry.

Given the bright sunshine that had enticed the dogs and cat to sprawl out on the grass in the back yard, it seemed like a good day for the official opening of the Outdoor Drying Season. Opening day is a bit late this year due to our long, white winter. How long was it? Well, if Princess Lily had killed the unicorn we'd have been trapped in darkness and cold forever.

Anyway, I thought it would be nice to dry the canvas totes on the line so they would stay a bit stiff and wouldn't shrink. Besides, I love the way clothes smell after drying on the line. Squinting in the unaccustomed brightness, I made my way out the back door with a laundry basket full of jeans and totes. I got the clothesline untangled, the "umbrella" erected, and the clothes hung out.

It was while making my way back to the house that I noticed that I had stepped in something that gave "April Fresh" a whole new meaning. It turns out that the opening day of "Outdoor Drying Season" coincides perfectly with the opening of the "Beware of Lawn Sharks" season. I didn't get the memo.

So, now my freshly washed shoes are drying on the deck, just a few careful steps away from the canvas totes drying on the line. It is a good day to dry! Somehow, though, I thought it might smell better.

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